Art Nouveau jewelry (1890-1910)

Art Nouveau plique a jour enamel brooch - pendant with diamonds and a pearl
Art Nouveau plique a jour enamel brooch

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This time we would like to draw your attention to an era that most people know but perhaps would like to read a little bit more about: The Art Nouveau era.

Art Nouveau, the style of decoration current in the 1890s and early 1900s, the name being derived from a gallery for interior decoration opened by Samuel Bing in Paris in 1896, called the "Maison de l'Art Nouveau". It was introduced in England circa 1890, mainly as a product of the movement started by William Morris and the pre-Raphaelites, which spread to the Continent and America. It came to an end with the outbreak of World War I.

Typical golden Art Nouveau diamond ringArt Nouveau necklace with old mine cut diamonds, pearls and an opalLocket typical Art Nouveau female head
Art Nouveau ring
€ 2,950

Art Nouveau necklace
€ 5,450

Art Nouveau locket
€ 1,625

The same style in Germany was called Jugendstil, after a magazine called Die Jugend (The Youth), in Holland Slaoliestijl (salad oil style) after an advertising for salad oil and in Italy Floreale or Stile Liberty (after the London store that featured it).

Golden Art Nouveau brooch and pendant with thistle motiveGolden Art Nouveau mistletoe diamond ringArt Nouveau pendant with leafs
Art Nouveau brooch
€ 540

Art Nouveau ring
€ 1,150

Art Nouveau pendant
€ 485

Applicable to all the decorative arts, it was adapted to jewelry in England and the Continent. The style resulted from a revolt against the rigid styles of the previously mass-produced wares and a philosophy that sought to revive the craft movement and aestheticism in art. It featured free-flowing, curving lines with asymmetrical natural motifs, such as human, female faces, greatly influenced
by Japanese art. It used gemstones to emphasize their beauty, preferring pearls and cabochon opals and moonstones rather than faceted stones, and employed colourful enamelling.The pieces include pendants, necklaces and elaborate hair ornaments. Eventually its own extravagances led to its demise in circa 1910-1914.

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