Victorian jewelry

Victorian jewelry (1830-1900)

This time we would like to get your attention for an era that everybody heard about but perhaps would like to know a little bit more about: The Victorian era. Originally the term "Victorian jewelry" was designated for articles of jewelry made in the United Kingdom during the reign of Queen Victoria, but not all of the many varieties produced during her long reign, 1837-1901, are now generally classified as Victorian jewelry. These days in the international antique jewelry trade the pieces now called Victorian jewelry are not necessarily made in the United Kingdom. The term "Victorian Jewelry" became a term used for European jewelry made in the 19th century rather then the description of a certain style-movement in a specific country.

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Early Victorian or Georgian ring with rose cut diamonds and rubiesVictorian line or tennis bracelet with ruby, sapphire and rose cut diamondsSparkling Victorian butterfly
Early Victorian or Georgian ring
€ 1,695
Victorian line or tennis bracelet
€ 2,250
Sparkling Victorian butterfly
€ 2,100

The Victorian era began in 1837 when a young Victoria ascended the throne of England. It ended over sixty years later when Queen Victoria died in 1901. During the early years of Victoria's reign, some jewelry was made in Gothic and Renaissance styles. The jewels of the period were often accented with seed pearls and coral. The middle period saw the vogue for ostentatious jewels decorated with the greatly increased supply of pearls and South African diamonds.

golden Victorian pearl locketPink gold long pendent Victorian earringsBeautiful Victorian golden locket
golden Victorian pearl locket
€ 1,275
Victorian earrings
€ 1,150
Victorian golden locket
€ 1,275

After the death of Prince Albert, 1861, mourning jewelry came greatly in fashion. Jewelry became darker with more somber tones. Dark onyx and deep red garnets set in gold jewels with black enamel tracery are a typical example of this period.

Victorian tourbillon engagement ringVictorian rose cut diamond flower broochBig rose cut diamond antique pendant, Victorian jewelry
Victorian tourbillon engagement ring
€ 5,750
Victorian rose cut diamond flower brooch
€ 1,850
Victorian big rose cut diamond pendant
€ 5,250

The 19th century saw a revival of interest in archaeological and historical jewelry, influenced by the excavations at Pompeii and the high-quality reproductions made by the Castellanis, Carlo Guiliano,and Gicinto Melillo, and the work of John Brogden. Much Jewelry was brought back by travellers as souvenirs, especially from India and Japan from c. 1850, and this was imitated in England during the 1860s to the 1880s.

Terrific Victorian long golden chainVictorian rose cut diamonds parurelong Victorian chain
Victorian golden chain, extra long
€ 2,350
Victorian rose cut diamonds parure
€ 5,950
Extreme long Victorian golden chain
€ 4,250

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