Blast from the past

Retro fashion is back in vogue once again, this time with some interesting twists.

Bell bottoms, bright coloured dresses and big sunglasses may be a throwback to the past. But if the current trends are anything to go by, retro fashion is back in a big way.

Falguni Peacock, for one, has even included retro influences in her latest collection under the label Spendthrift. “Retro has been in for a while now; it’s just that it’s now percolating down to the masses. But now is the time to go for bolder colours, bell bottoms and high-waist pants,” she notes.

Arshiya Fakih, on the other hand, feels that it all boils down to fashion being cyclical. “What goes around comes around; so yes, bright colours, funky jewellery and big sunglasses are the ‘in’ thing right now. Of course, the silhouette is very fitted, but the retro influence is very strong,” she explains.

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