Estate Jewelry: The Portfolio that Glimmers

Wearing a gown made of bonds and stock certificates is both bizarre and tacky, but there is an investment you can tastefully take with you on the party circuit this holiday season.

Since the dawn of time, woman has collected jewelry....
And, judging from the amount of it on the market today, she has thrown very little away. Whatever your pleasure—turquoise, diamonds, platinum, or tourmaline-you can collect it, wear it, and sometimes make a profit on it.

What Is Estate Jewelry?
A piece of estate jewelry did not necessarily come from the estate of the deceased. Estate simply means previously owned.

What Is Antique Jewelry?
Antique jewelry was made at least 100 years ago.

What Is Vintage Jewelry?
Vintage jewelry is usually defined as older pieces, made after the 1940s and through the 1980s.

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At Adin's Antique Jewelry Glossary you can find a most readily available explanation for beginners about the collectible periods of jewelry.

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