A Very Female View of Ironman

... Look, honey, go buy Gentlemen Prefer Blondes with Marilyn Monroe. She sings "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend". One should try and learn from one's elders, Gwen. There is much wisdom in that song! Watch that movie several times until you fully grasp the concept.

Instead of buying that dress as your boss's birthday present to you, you should have bought jewelry. I'm not sure I would advise diamonds because Russia has enough diamonds to flood the world's market and drive the price of diamonds down to amethyst if DeBeers cannot keep a tight grip on them.

And don't go for the colored stones either because you never know when the stone's color has been enhanced by technology.

Go for good quality antique jewelry, emphasizing the artistry of the sculpture and design...

Excerpt from "A Very Female View of Ironman"

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