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Typical regional Dutch Victorian golden filigree earrings

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A touch of history ... Typical regional Dutch Victorian golden filigree earrings.

Though filigree has become a special branch of jewel work in modern times, it was anciently part of the ordinary work of the jeweler. A. Castellani states, in his "Memoir on the Jewellery of the Ancients" (1861), that all the jewelry of the Etruscans and Greeks (other than that intended for the grave, and therefore of an unsubstantial character) was made by soldering together and so building up the gold rather than by chiselling or engraving the material.

In Holland this type of jewelry was rather popular too, especially for the many region distinctive styles Holland had till the end of the 19th Century. By the look at their jewelry it was possible to know a lot about the wearer, his or her marital status, religion, which part of the Netherlands they came from, even the little regions. There are still a few Dutch cities where you can find older women wearing their region specific dress but it's to be expected this will be gone within one or two generations.

Because of their delicate nature, not many of this type of earrings have survived over the years. Something we as antique jewelry dealers notice as we hardly ever find them anymore.

OBJECT GROUP : earrings
COUNTRY OF ORIGIN : Although it does not carry any legible control marks we believe it is of Dutch origin.
STYLE : Victorian
PERIOD : 1870
MATERIAL : 14K yellow gold
TECHNIQUE : filigree and granulation - This jewel features a filigree decoration, which is in fact thin golden wire twisted into refined motifs, in this case elegant little balls. You can also notice the use of granulation on this piece. Granulation is a technique where the goldsmith uses very small balls (granules) of metal, which are not soldered to the piece but welded. Both techniques
demand very high skills and precision from the maker.
WEIGHT : 6.20 gram (3.99 dwt)
HALLMARKS : No trace
CONDITION : Excellent condition - (our condition scale)
DIMENSIONS : Height approx. 5.03 cm (1.98 inch)

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