Burglar fooled!

Instead of the usual background information on antique jewelry, we would like to draw your attention to a less pleasant but very important aspect of jewelry in general: security and theft prevention. At the end of the last year we received a mail from a customer that she allowed us to share with you.

Dear Tania and Elkan,
I have enjoyed both of you this year. I wanted to let you know a triumphant story.

My house was robbed on December 21st. You both know my love of jewelry and most of my pieces are one only and not replaceable. I have added the
link to the jewelry box that saved my entire collection. The robber was not even aware that it was a jewelry box.

Gold Silver Safekeeper Mirrored Jewelry Cabinet by Lori Greiner

You have many customers like myself that have large collections I would suspect. Maybe my story will help someone else.

The police officers that responded said it was a very good decoy.


So this time the story had an happy ending but not everybody is as lucky as Robin. We therefore strongly suggest to have your jewelry insured and appraised and that you store those appraisals in another place then the jewelry itself.

In case you decide not to have your jewelry appraised then you can also make photocopies of your jewelry next to a ruler (in color is best but black/white is good too). It's easy, alway in focus and you don't have to describe as much. From all your jewelry you take a scan from both top and bottom.

In our next issue we will return to interesting subjects on antique jewelry and we will dive a bit in the history and symbolism of Valentine's day. Meanwhile feel free to browse our entire collection.

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Antiqualy yours and happy browsing!

The Adin team www.adin.be

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