Go For Something Different - Antique Engagement Rings

A wedding castle is a perfect venue to show off an antique engagement ring. Feel like a princess from a bygone era at your fairytale castle wedding. A destination wedding castle is a wonderful venue for today’s discerning bride with refined taste and cultivation.

Old antique engagement rings are those classic style rings that bring back the charm and history of an era gone by. Many couples enjoy the nostalgic feel of something their grandparents may have worn. Others simply like the idea of old-fashioned quality styling and workmanship.

The Internet and online auctions in general have brought the world of antique wedding rings into our home. You can shop at Antwerps mega diamond dealers or a village charity shop all from your home computer. If you like to shop closer to home where you can touch and feel the rings and try them on for size and style, then there are other great sources for vintage engagement rings. Estate sales and flea marketsare great sources for authentic vintage jewellery including diamond or sapphire jewelry in gold or silver.

An antique engagement ring is like a fine wine or work of art; it speaks of the refined taste and cultivation of its owner. It is a showpiece of superb old-world craftsmanship, in contrast to the plain bands and prong settings of most modern rings. Because it is too costly to reproduce such intricate detail nowadays, antique rings will continue to appreciate in value over time.

The most desirable estate engagement rings on the market today date from the late Victorian era (turn of the century) through the 1940s. Such rings reflect the popular tastes of their time; therefore, rings from different eras have very different characteristics.

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