The Hessen Affair (movie)

The winner takes it all... and more

At the end of World War II, the biggest jewel theft in history turns into a bloodbath when thieves fall out in a thriller with echoes of DOUBLE INDEMNITY and BODY HEAT.

1945 - Castle Kronberg, outside Frankfurt, is turned into a ‘country club’ for victorious American officers. Outside, the country is starving, but within the castle walls, young Americans who have never been away from ordinary homes and jobs, find themselves jitterbugging the nights away in a palace where they are the conquerors ...

Princess Sophie of Hesse, the castle’s owner, fled hours before the arrival of the Yanks. She didn’t have time to move or conceal all the castle’s treasures. Most of the dazzled young officers confine themselves to swiping the silverware ...

But two, smarter and more determined than the rest – the cynical COLONEL JACK DURANT and the dazzling beautiful LIEUTENANT KATHLEEN NASH – have other ideas. While Glenn Miller foxtrots thump overhead in the ballroom, Durant and Nash bump into each other in the basement, armed with pickaxes and a mutual curiosity to find whatever else the princess might have left behind ...

And they do ...

Nash and Durant uncover the crown jewels of Germany – more diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires and pearls than are gathered in any one place outside the Tower of London. The value is beyond anyone’s ability to compute. The discovery ignites a sexual frenzy between Nash and Durant, who decide to steal the jewels – to the victors go the spoils.

Nash and Durant manage to get the gems to New York, where they must deal with gangsters to fence the loot. They are out of their league and must use their wits when dealing with someone like Ben Cassidy, builder of the new Las Vegas and owner of the New York Yankees.

But Cassidy and his cronies have never been presented with such a hoard as this. And it isn’t long before everyone gets greedy. The body count begins to mount around Nash and Durant.

To make matters worse for the two renegade officers, Princess Sophie discovers the theft of her jewels and complains to American army headquarters. It now turns out that her brother fought for the Allies and is about to marry the future Queen of England, Elizabeth! That’s right, Sophie’s brother is Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh.

The army is now compelled to go after Nash and Durant.

With double-crossing gangland figures trying to control the gems and the army closing in on them, will Kathy Nash and Jack Durant stay true to one other and their plan?

Or will one sell the other out ?

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