Archeological sites in Bani Hushaish suffer from vandalism

Twenty-nine year old Nabil Ahmed Noman said “it is not easy for the simple layman to be aware of the archeological value of these monuments, saying he cannot differentiate them from similar jewelry. The average man cannot identify their historical value; all he thinks about is their material value. A man who places an old stone as a decoration at the front of his house is a good example of such mentality. Yet, if people become aware of their value, they will think only of the financial return, forgetting about their historical value. However he corrected himself by saying that a newspapers seller once put a historical monument on his papers to keep them from being dispersed by the wind, not knowing that the piece is more valuable than his papers. He concluded by saying that the relevant archeological authorities should facilitate opportunities to interested persons and researchers to allow them to increase their historical knowledge concerning these sites. He also added that relevant authorities should exert appropriate efforts to promote awareness regarding the value of history through different media outlets.

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