Gold diggers scan the land

Metal-detecting club is on the trail of treasure
Lancaster New Era
Published: Feb 06, 2009

Waving their metal detectors over the ground like magic wands, the members of the Lancaster Research & Recovery Club turn lost into found. Leon and Leona Ogden have dug up more than 400 rings and thousands of coins.

George Hickman unearthed a Civil War-era silver pocket watch and antique toy soldier. And Paul Means has discovered handfuls of jewelry lost in the surf. Sometimes, though, when club members put their beeping metal divining rods into service, the only result is soda-can pull tabs.

But even they have value to a seasoned searcher. The club donates pull tabs to the Ronald McDonald House, which takes the tabs to a recycling center as a fundraising project.

But it's not always the bounty — whether it be pull tabs or pennies, or even evidence in criminal cases — that keeps these detectors on the trail of treasure.

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