Protect your personal property

Wednesday, February 11, 2009 6:14 AM EST

While are all concerned about identity theft, protecting our social security number, and reducing the risk of credit card fraud, we are completely forgetting about protecting our personal property. Every year, I evaluate 20,000 objects both at public programs and in private homes. Many people are leaving themselves vulnerable when it comes to the items that we have collected over a lifetime. Based on actual events, here are some tips to protect your property—old and new.

Dr. Lori's Tips for Protecting Your Personal Property

1. Don't advertise.

I can't tell you how many times I have been presenting one of my public events and all of a sudden I'll see a person whip out a miniature photo album filled with pictures of nearly every valuable item they own. They start showing it to the person sitting next to them in the crowd. Likely, someone they hardly know. They flip through the pages recounting how or when they acquired that oil painting, pair of crystal vases, or piece of estate jewelry. As they move toward the refreshment table and share their album with someone else, the first person is asking another person where the "album lady" lives. I see this happening in the produce dept of the grocery store, at the library, and in a litany of other places. Remember the old saying "Loose lips, Sink ships" from American history class?

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