Snakes and serpents at Valentine's day ?

From all low reptiles the serpent has clearly made the highest profile career.

Collection of antique jewelry with snake motive or serpent motif
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Snake (or serpent) jewelry has been worn since ancient times. Each era and part of the world seems to attribute its own symbolic meaning to this intriguing animal; eternal love, healing, fertility, wisdom and even immortality. In early Egyptian society it was the symbol of royalty and deity and the Romans regarded the snake as a symbol of everlasting love.

Closer to our times, in the Victorian era (roughly the 19th century) an entwined snake symbolized infinity and eternal love, so snakes were significant symbols. When Queen Victoria married Prince Albert in 1840, he gave her two snake rings, entwined together, which demonstrated the mutual communion of love that they felt for each other and symbolized an eternal life together.

Snake jewelry is best given as a symbolic gesture of good fortune, good health, and as a loving gift to a partner where the ring is a protective charm and represents the union of the couple and their eternal and never ending love for one another.

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