An Eastern fairy tale

Typical French antique jewelry naturalistic hare head on bar brooch
How are bunny and hare linked to eggs?

From the many non-religious customs in many religions that find their origin in pagan celebrations of nature the Eastern Bunny must be one of the cutest. The Anglo-Saxon Eastern Bunny and his Continental cousin the "lièvre de Pâques" (French for "Hare of Eastern") find their origin in the pagan celebration of the return of springtime. Way back in the old days (in springtime), when people would go out to forage for food on the land, they would find eggs in old hare forms and/or rabbit holes (the eggs were laid there by different bird species).

To illustrate this little fact we would have loved to show you a big Fabergé egg but we haven't had one in the last 30 years and the chance we'll have one in the coming 30 years is also rather small. Instead we used the golden pin with hare head that we do have.

Antiqualy yours,
The Adin team

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