Egyptian Jewelry - the Amazing Gold Work in Egyptian Jewelry

People love to wear antique jewelry in 18k pure yellow gold. Egyptian jewelry is of particular importance in this category as it is mostly made of solid gold and silver. These ancient jewelry articles include pendants, rings, earrings, and bracelets. The beauty and allure of these articles is sometimes enhanced by using lovely gemstones in various colors. Egyptian gold work comprises of filigree and engraved letters and symbols. Other shapes are also carved beautifully and expertly. These shapes include the Scarab, King Tut's mask, stone eye of Horus, Akhenaten Ankh, Lotus Flower, and the Pyramid. Sterling silver jewelry can also be found in this category which is equally beautiful and attractive.

In ancient Egypt, soldering and welding were commonly employed to fuse different metals together. The gold work included techniques such as engraving and incised work. In addition to these, chased work was also used to create wonderful jewelry articles. Incised carving is normally used on wood to produce intricate works of art. Reverse hammering is used in repousse to decorate different metals including gold. Repousse is a French word and this technique is commonly seen in ancient Egyptian pendants and rings. Embossing and chasing are also used to create beautiful jewelry articles of the ancient style.

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