Tips of Buying Gold 50 Pesos Mexico Coin

With the recent financial meltdowns and declining US currency, smart Americans are looking for better ways to protect their hard-earned dollars. Buying gold has long been proven the safest method for asset protection during economic crisis over the past centuries. Gold coins, especially gold coins with small markups such as Gold 50 Pesos Mexico Coin and South African gold Krugerrands, are favorites of seasoned gold bullion investors to combat inflation and offset risk.

First minted in 1921, Mexican Gold 50 Pesos are among one of the most beautiful designs of any gold coins. The coin features a winged angel with the legendary mountains in the background. The reverse side features an eagle with a snake in its beak. With sizing more than 20 percent larger than the popular American Gold Eagles, the coin contains 1.2057oz of pure gold, making it a great vehicle for holding gold than the popular US $20 gold coin.

So how to buy cheap Gold 50 Pesos now?

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