Art Deco?

Magnificent Art Deco engagement ring with rubies and diamondsSolid platinum Retro ring with high quality brilliant cut diamonds

They can't be both Art Deco!

Many people mistakenly would designate the style of both rings as Art Deco. However while the ring on the left is Art Deco indeed the style of the ring on the right is called Retro (perhaps even early Fifties).

That both styles are mingled is no big wonder as one is strongly influenced by the other. The Retro style uses the same type and language of geometrical shapes as its predecessor: the Art Deco style; only with bolder heavier lines, shapes and stones.

The Art Deco style was introduced in the 1920s as protest against the dreamy (sometimes even hallucinant) Art Nouveau style and it ended in the 1930s. The style emphasized a very abstract design with geometric patterns. The baguette and emerald-cuts, which had been developed in the nineteenth century, were very popular in the 1920s because they blended so much with the geometrical lines of the Art Deco style.

The Retro style as successor of Art Deco florished between roughly 1940 and 1950. Typical for the Retro style is its imitation of three dimensional folds of fabric with the ribbon bow as its most popular motif, often highlighted in the center with a calibré cut ruby or sapphire knot. In the Retro ring on the right we distantly recognize this bow-shape.

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