"Quelle heure est-il?"

Red gold strong design Retro bracelet with hidden watch signed Altenloh Brussels

(even the French way of asking for the time is elegant)

Belgium and its monarchy as we know it today only exists since 1831. So to speak of a typical Belgian style would be a bit exaggerated. It is more that the Belgian culture is strongly influenced by on one side Holland and on the other side France. It is not that long ago that speaking French was considered to be chic and elegant and Flemish (a Dutch dialect) to be coarse and common.

Being focused on the French culture, Belgian jewelers would let themselves be influenced by the big French jewelry houses. As is the case with this ladies bracelet watch from the Brussels' jeweler Altenloh, one of the very few jewelry suppliers to the court in Belgium. The jewel is a typical example of a high quality ladies watch in Retro style where the watch is hidden behind a bejewelled hinged shutter. We browsed through our library and were surprised not to find a picture of this beauty in any book.

Antiqualy yours,

The Adin team

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