It is not only fine feathers that make fine birds.

Fifties golden bird with demantoid eye and diamond beak on coral branch

Although Aesop (a Greek storyteller who lived 620-560 BC) meant something else with his saying, he couldn't be more accurate for the bird pictured here. If something got lost over the years in the art of jewelry making then it is the cooperation of various disciplines that are needed to get to one well designed and well made piece of jewelry. The artist/designer, the modeller, the goldsmith, the setter, the engraver, the polisher, all did one's bit in their field of expertise.

As is the case with this strange bird here. A typical product of the fifties of the twenthieth century. All sorts of animals were used as source of inspiration. Made in gold and precious stones sometimes even decorated with enamel, the result of the experts' collaboration was, most of the times, well-made, clever and cute.

The special thing about this bird, besides being funny and a well-made appearance, is the stone used for its eye. A beautiful velvetish light-green colored natural demantoid of nearly half a carat that gives a new dimension to the meaning of the word "sparkle". Proofing that only the best of best was used in such pieces. Demantoid is the most expensive and rare of garnet gemstones, with fine specimens like the one used here commanding prices of thousands of dollars per carat - even more expensive then diamond!

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The Adin team

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