Wearable 300 years old diamond jewelry!

Diamond capital of the world for centuries

(not just an empty phrase)

Early-Georgian golden earrings with table cut rose cut diamonds17th Century gold and diamond crossAntique earrings mid 18th century with table cut rose cut diamonds very special!Golden 17th Century diamond ring

Of all cities, it was our hometown Antwerp where, mid 16th century, the table rose cut diamond was introduced. A way of diamond polishing where the top and bottom of the stone were left flat, sloping facets and chamfered corners, creating a sort of trapezium. One can recognize the old 16th, 17th and 18th century rose cuts by these flat tops, the “table”. Later rose cut diamonds were polished in a point to the top. Imagine the ingenuity and patience people had in those days to polish world's hardest material in the shape of their desire.

The depicted jewels here are set with these so called table rose cuts and are about some 300 years old. Just imagine wearing jewelry that old...

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