A lady came into our store...

Amazing antique silver chain documented with original antique photograph

A lady came into our store offering us an antique silver chain. She knew it was antique because she had a dated picture from her grandmother wearing it. She showed us the picture and indeed when looking at the picture through our jewelers loupe we saw the same chain. The back of the picture gave away the dates 1911, 1912 and 1913.

Normally we do not deal in silver jewelry but this is so much more then “just jewelry”. This is what our trade is all about, the link between us and our ancestors documented on a dated picture. The lady sold us the chain together with the picture and we are proud to offer it here among our gold, platinum and diamond jewelry. The combination of an antique photograph with the original chain depicted on it is truly unique!

When looking closely at the picture we see a young woman with the, in those days fashionable, wasp waist and sautoir (long chain). The strong bound wasp waist was the ultimate standard of feminine beauty. Although a normal average waist measurements varied between 50 and 58 cm (20 and 23 inches), women tortured themselves with special corsets to measurements between 40 and 45 cm (16 to 18 inches).

We can also recognise the name tag she is wearing on her dress; Catherine. We do not think that granny Catherine would have ever imagined that people would still speak about her 100 years later.

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Antiqualy yours,
The Adin team


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