Serpents and apples in The Garden of Adin

Late Victorian French double serpents bangle with old mine cut diamond and ruby

ANTWERP, June 28 (Reuters) – Well-informed sources at Adin, Antwerp - Belgium, told us that they are being overwhelmed with requests for information on the exact whereabouts of the Garden-of-Adin. For obvious reasons the exact location of this garden and its treasures is kept a secret. But we were told that the Adin-team is planning to offer on their website some of the treasures they will find.

In the beginning of this week, in the midst of the garden, a serpent was discovered. But behold! When Adin's photographer wanted to create an image of this illustrious animal, he found it entwined with a mate in a rather intense position on a just-eaten apple.

We believe that any resemblance with other known cases of serpents and apples is purely coincidental.

Click the picture to get to the descriptive page of these serpents.

Antiqualy yours,
The Adin team

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