Dazzling Art Deco Platinum pendent jade eardrops

The Adin Museum Of Fairy Tale Artifacts proudly presents:

Dazzling Art Deco Platinum pendent jade eardrops

Dazzling Art Deco Platinum pendent jade eardrops.

Once upon a time... long, long ago, there was a snow-white Jade Dragon, living in a rock cave on the east bank of the Celestial River. In the great forest across the river lived a beautiful Golden Phoenix.

Leaving their home every morning, the dragon and the phoenix met each other before going their different ways. One flew in the sky, while the other swam in the Celestial River. One day, both came to a fairy island. There they found two shining pebbles and were fascinated by their beauty.

"Look, how beautiful these pebbles are!" Golden Phoenix said to Jade Dragon.

"Let's carve them into pendants," said Jade Dragon.

Golden Phoenix nodded in agreement. Then they started working on it, Jade Dragon using his claws and Golden Phoenix her beak. They carved the pebbles day after day, month after month, until they finally made them into perfect pendants. In high spirits Golden Phoenix flew to the sacred mountain to gather diamonds and Jade Dragon carried a lot of clear platinum from the Celestial River. They sprinkled and washed the pendants with diamonds and platinum. Gradually the pendants turned into dazzling earrings.

It is with great pride that the curator of the Adin Museum of Fairy Tale Artifacts presents these dazzling earrings in his collection.

Antiqualy yours,
The Adin team

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