Angels and demons?

Bishops ring with intriguing mystery!

Gold Victorian Bishops ring with stunning enamel work and gem amethyst

Top notch quality!

A bishops ring is not an every day object in our inventory. In the almost 30 years of experience in the antique jewelry trade we can recall to have purchased only two before. (One of them was used in the movie "The Da Vinci code" based on the best seller by Dan Brown. It was worn by Alfred Molino playing the role of Bishop Aringarosa.)

There is something odd about this ring. Not the bishops ring itself but the ring that comes with it. Inside the bishops ring we found a silver ring hidden with in relief a gold wolf. Bishops rings are normally worn on gloves so their size is "a bit larger then normal". But to find another ring hidden into such ring puzzles us. A hidden ring with a non-Christian motif. What could be the story behind this? Why would a person wearing such ring find it important to add an extra symbol to this high profile ring and hide it?

Antiqualy yours,
The Adin team

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