What was Napoleon holding in his right hand?

The Adin Museum Of Fairy Tale Artifacts reveals historic secret:

Truly magnificent Art Deco clip, typical Japonism, coral and carre cut onyx

What was Nappy holding in his right hand?

Once upon a time... it must have been shortly before Valentine's day when Napoleon's court painter took an instant snapshot of the emperor when he was on his way to the woman he loved. Napoleon with the jewel in his right hand, in a reflex, hid the jewel under his waistcoat.

For a long time the existence of this jewel has been a source of dispute between jewelry historians around the world. It's only shortly that Mr. Elkan Wijnberg, chief conservator of the Adin Antique Jewelry Museum of Fairy Tale Artifacts revealed what it was.

Mr. Wijnberg told us: "Napoleon, being way ahead of his time, loved jewelry from the 1950's. And what was better then to express his emotions to the woman of his dreams then by offering her a pendant with the romantic text: 'Because I love you more and more each day, today more than yesterday but less than tomorrow'. It is not a public secret that Napoleon, a man of little words, prefered to speak French above English thus the text was translated into '+ qu'hier et - que demain'."

Now it is with great pride and ultimate joy that the Adin Antique Jewelry Museum of Fairy Tale Artifacts exibits the actual piece of jewelry that Napoleon held in his right hand on this picture.

Antiqualy yours,
The Adin team

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