Museum director finds treasure

Museum director finds treasure

Magnificent Art Deco engagement ring with rubies and diamonds

The “Four in a Row” dream ring

Once upon a time... in the Garden of Adin, a game was being played. The players, a gnome and a pixie, had several precious stones each, distinguished by color. They took turns in dropping these stones in one of the non-filled places by granting wishes that people dreamed. The pixie won by placing four brilliant cut diamonds consecutively in a line, which ended the game.

A recent American study has irrefutable concluded that the source of the so called "Four in a row" game has to be found in this Garden of Adin story.

When the ring was being offered, Mr. Elkan Wijnberg, conservator of the Adin Museum of Fairy Tale Artifacts, was there in a flash to preserve this “four in a row” dream ring for his museum where it is being offered in the museum-shop to its clientele.

Antiqualy yours,
The Adin team

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