Fairylike Elf Couches in the Garden of Adin

Fairylike Elf Couches in the Garden of Adin

Victorian rose garland drape necklace, yellow and green gold
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Turkey tails (in Latin: "Trametes versicolor" and in Dutch "Elfenbankje" which means "Couch for elfs") is an extremely common polypore mushroom which can be found throughout the world and thus also in The Garden of Adin.

Versicolor means 'of several colours' and it is true that this mushroom is found in a wide variety of different colours and shapes. Therefor to local experts it was no surprise that the Gardener of Adin came upon this beauty here. A picture was taken to share the true beauty of this miracle of Mother Nature with you.

Look and enjoy!

Antiqualy yours,
The Adin team

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