Bacchus spotted in the Garden of Adin!

Bacchus spotted in the Garden of Adin!

Artistical big engraved cameo Bacchus. Coral, diamonds and big south sea pearls
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Antwerp, October 03 (Reuters) — Botanists at Adin, Antwerp - Belgium have just announced the discovery of a new plant species in a remote area in The Garden of Adin. They say this underscores the importance of conservation efforts in the ancient tropical forests of the region. Lead author and researcher Elkan Wijnberg at Adin Antique Jewelry suggested that it will be named “Adinus Solis Viridis Bacchus”.

According to Adin experts, the species is at risk from extraction. However, local authorities -- in particular the Garden of Adin Forest Protection Department -- have committed to conserve and sustainably manage this valuable plant (and will only sell it to the true collector).

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