Conspiracy hunters of all countries, unite!

Conspiracy hunters of all countries, unite!

Gold Victorian Bishops ring with stunning enamel work, gem amethyst and hidden ring with stalking wolf Gold Victorian Bishops ring with stunning enamel work, gem amethyst and hidden ring with stalking wolf

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Before you start reading we apologize for a longer mail than normal but we think it's worth it. So make yourself comfortable, read and enjoy!

This week at Adin, we received the following mail:

"To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing in reference to the Gold Victorian Bishops Ring (Reference NÂș: 09360-4341 ) you have shown on your website. From the lack of information you have on the ring I assume you know little of it? I on the other hand do know the significant provenance of the ring.

The ring was commisioned for my great grandfather in 1869 by, the then Roman Catholic Bishop of Paris, Georges Darboy. My great grandfather, I will not disclose his name for personal reasons, was both a member of Dutch and English aristocracy. Dutch by birth and English through marriage. Georges Darboy is one of the most prominent of all the Bishops of Paris, he was an ostentatious man and held his differences with the Pope as to hid infallibility. My great grandfather and Darboy were close friends, often visiting and hunting with one another.

The ring was made during the Franco-Prussian war as a gift to my great grandfather for funding the rebuild of a significant church or chapel (I am unsure of which) in the Paris region after it is was devastated by fire years before. My great grandfather also gifted a number of relics from his private collection to the Bishop over the years before his death.

When the ring was originally made the stone it housed was a Sapphire. By all the accounts the stone was an exception example - nearly flawless and of magnificant colour. Queen Victoria herself admired the stone in a letter to my great grandmother. Unfortunately the sapphire was accidentaly broken some years later and replaced by the current stone. We still have three rather large stones that were cut from the original broken sapphire. We also have a portrait of my great grandfather wearing the ring in 1887 with the original sapphire.

Georges Darboy was killed in Paris by the Communards during their takeover of Paris in 1871.

The ring passed to my grandfather and then onto my father. It was left accidentally in the Netherlands upon my fathers escape to England upon the Nazi invasion of the Netherlands. The ring was never seen again. It is great to see that it survived the war and subsequent years.

Unto the ring itself, the Chi-Rho is indeed a Chir-Rho but also the representation of the latin word PAX, meaning 'peace'. Darboy expressed this as his wish for peace between France and Prussia. The initials are that of my great grandfather. The inner ring with the wolf does not have any connection to the Jesuits. Neither Darboy or my great grandfather had a connection to the Jesuits. The wolf ring was made shortly after the main ring to fit my great grandfathers finger without gloves - this way he could wear it to mass. The wolf itself represents the nickname of my great grandfather.

Sadly, I am not in a position to purchase the ring but I would appreciate that the provenance of the ring be passed onto the person that does purchase the stone. I do not mind you providing this information on your website as long as no reference to myself or family are made with it.

Kind regards, *******"

Interesting, no?

We thought so too, but to make this long and interesting story even more interesting, we invite you to visit the describing page of this ring, where we pasted the same story but added a link that will please the conspiracy hunters among our customers.


Antiqualy yours,
The Adin team
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