Discovery of love vitamin !

Discovery of love vitamin
The Adin Research Center for Relationship Welfare

The complete original Retro jewelry collection of Adin Antique Jewelry, Antwerp, Belgium
The complete original Retro jewelry collection of Adin Antique Jewelry, Antwerp, Belgium

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ANTWERP, January 16 (Reuters) - Recent studies in "The Adin Research Center for Relationship Welfare" have shown that the non-nutrient Retro Style Jewelry (RSJ) -- long viewed as a nonessential -- has now been established as the first new vitamin discovered since a long time. The new vitamin can positively affect relationship dips and is named vitAdin. According to Adin's Chief researcher Elkan Wijnberg, a regular dose will benefit relationships.

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Retro style jewelry - The Retro style was strongly influenced by its predecessor: the Art Deco style. Using the same type and language of geometrical shapes but with bolder heavier lines, shapes and stones. Typical for the Retro style is its imitation of three dimensional folds of fabric with the ribbon bow as its most popular motif, often highlighted in the center with a calibré cut ruby or sapphire knot (mostly lab-produced stones were used) and diamonds in various cuts as white accents.

That gold regained its popularity during the Retro period was due to the fact that platinum was not available to the goldsmiths and jewellers since this was being used for the war effort. This was the main reason that during the Retro period different colors of gold became popular - yellow gold was combined with rose gold and green gold in striking combinations. In France goldsmiths worked with no less then 27 shades of colors of gold!

The most popular gemstones seen in the Retro style are aquamarine, citrine, topaz, large cabochon-cut rubies and sapphires (including star stones), golden beryl, peridots and tourmaline. Not uncommonly, gems used were exceptionally large in order to reflect the scale of the jewelry.

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