Do you know this man? (because we don't)

Do you know this man?
(because we don't)

Victorian gold stickpin representing a Bonapartic general from the antique jewelry collection of Adin Antique Jewelry, Antwerp, Belgium

(Click the picture to get to this antique tiepin)

Another antique jewelry riddle we have here. We think that this man could be a French or English general from the Bonapartic era. But we have no clue which general it could be. We have been looking in the direction of Auguste de Marmont and Guy-Victor_Duperré but couldn't find any resemblance with our stickpin general. The cross our general is wearing here has four arms while the normal French order has five. Also the sash and epaulets could be of important indication.

Or does the haircut style indicates a British officer instead of a French one? Visitors of our site have already suggested this could be Lord Horatio Nelson or the Duke of Wellington. Something we don't support after comparing the the face of this pin with paintings of the two dignitaries.

Any help or information you might have that helps us in determining this person, is much appreciated.

Antiqualy yours,
The Adin team
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