Dutch 18th Century Amsterdam necklace, a so-called "bootjesketting"

Dutch 18th Century Amsterdam necklace
a so-called "bootjesketting"

Dutch 18th Century Amsterdam so-called bootjesketting gold necklace with garnets from the antique jewelry collection of Adin Antique Jewelry, Antwerp, Belgium

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We have no clue why a bootjesketting is called a bootjesketting. Bootjesketting is Dutch and translated to English it would be something like "chain of little boats".

One thing is sure and that is that the bootjesketting is part of the typical Dutch jewelry heritage. Some descriptions in museums describe this as typical for the northern Dutch provinces Groningen and Friesland. We have strong doubts that this is the case because, besides this example made in Amsterdam in the Eighteenth Century, there is also a known similar example, also 18th Century but made in Rotterdam (to be found in the collection of Museum Rotterdam).

Today most of the Bootjeskettings found are made in 19th Century or even 20th Century. It is extremely rare to find one of the 18th Century.

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