The Adin's Antique Jewelry Candy Store Presents: Eye candy for your sweet heart...

The Adin's Antique Jewelry Candy Store Presents: 
Eye candy for your sweet heart...
Big platinum cocktail ring loaded with 5+Crt diamonds, big brilliant estate ring from the antique jewelry collection of Adin Antique Jewelry Candy Store, Antwerp, Belgium

You read it here first! Antique Jewelry Candy Store giant Adin claims to be the first retailer to launch a new variety of antique jewelry eye candy in its stores today. We can imagine there will be a queue of enthusiasts for these sweet jewels. Adin's clinical researcher in the field of sweeteners used in the antique jewelry trade, Mr. Elkan Wijnberg, told us that they are being marketed as "for those with a sweet heart, tooth or eye". 

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The Adin team
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