Symbolic Love jewelry in The Garden of Adin

Symbolic Love jewelry 
in The Garden of Adin
Victorian diamond crown heart pendant, a so-called Vlaams Hart, huge rose diamonds from the antique jewelry collection of Adin Antique Jewelry Store, Antwerp, Belgium

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One of the most peculiar and wide spread Flemish pieces of regional jewelry is a diamond heart pendant, the so-called "Vlaams hart" (Dutch for “Flemish heart"). These hearts were fashionable in the 19th century and mostly made in gold backed silver (see also the silver on gold technique). A Flemish heart is a heart shaped field set with rose cut diamonds and/or senelles hanging under a crowning. 

There are two sorts of crownings possible:
1) The crowing is a crown and then it is build up from horizontal, diamond embellished, tendrils that are resting on a smooth surfaced ajour cut band with flattened little rhombic bars. The tendrils from the top incline slightly over this ajour cut band towards the actual cross emphasizing the unity of the jewel.

2) The crowing as love trophy. A collection of four elements, a torch and quiver that are crossing each other, a bow that is horizontal mingled with them and all held together by a laurel. The slightly upwards direction of both ends of the bow refers to the St. Andrew's cross. Torch, quiver and bow are typical attributes to Amor (Eros) and the laurel refers to the triumph of love. This combination was already in use with the old Greek and Romans and later of course in the Renaissance and had a enormous success in France in the Louis XVI period (1774-1793). 

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