French antique Object d'Art circa 1860

French antique Object d'Art circa 1860
- Inspired by Aesops fable The Stork and the Fox -

Every now and then we run into a piece that is the cherry on our antique jewelry cake. Such is the case with this ring. So much to see, the story behind it, so much to find out about and the pleasure of holding something in your hands showing such high level of craftmanship.... one of the true pleasures in our trade.

We hope you will enjoy looking and learning about this ring as much as we did! 

Antique jewelry - Object d'art - French antique Victorian object depicting Aesops fable The Stork and the Fox from the antique jewelry collection of Adin Antique Jewelry Store, Antwerp, Belgium

Aesop's fable: "The Stork and the Fox"
At one time the Fox and the Stork were on visiting terms and seemed very good friends. So the Fox invited the Stork to dinner, and for a joke put nothing before her but some soup in a very shallow dish. This the Fox could easily lap up, but the Stork could only wet the end of her long bill in it, and left the meal as hungry as when she began. 

 "I am sorry," said the Fox, "the soup is not to your liking." "Pray do not apologize," said the Stork. "I hope you will return this visit, and come and dine with me soon." 

So a day was appointed when the Fox should visit the Stork; but when they were seated at table all that was for their dinner was contained in a very long-necked jar with a narrow mouth, in which the Fox could not insert his snout, so all he could manage to do was to lick the outside of the jar.

"I will not apologize for the dinner," said the Stork: "One bad turn deserves another."

Antiqualy yours,

The Adin team

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