Hide and seek in The Garden of Adin - Find the Hyacinth

Hide and seek in The Garden of Adin

Find the Hyacinth

Art Deco platinum engagement ring set with warm colored hyacint - natural zirkon - from the antique jewelry collection of Adin Antique Jewelry Store, Antwerp, Belgium
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A lot has been written about gemstones by experts and “experts”. Some articles we find to be very informative and serious, but there are also a lot of cute stories around. And we would like to share some of the cute info we found on the stone pictured here, the Hyacinth.

"The hyacinth is seen as protection against arroused cardiac activity and fever as well as protection to bite and sting poison from malicious insects and amphibians. In order to quench the fever and restlessness, the hyacinth is crushed into a fine powder and given to the sick in small doses from time to time."

Perhaps important to mention is that we do NOT endorse this information and we strongly advise NOT to crush this beautiful piece. Some more cute insights from this "expert" on other gemstones will follow soon.

Antiqualy yours,

The Adin team

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