Antique jewelry sorted per theme

Antique jewelry sorted per theme

Antique jewelry in various themes and techniques
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Antique jewelry with luck theme
Antique jewelry with love theme
Religious antique jewelry
Mythologic antique jewelry
Antique jewelry with human theme
Antique jewelry with floral theme

Antique jewelry with animals
Antique jewelry with insects
Antique jewelry with filigree
Antique jewelry with enamel
Antique jewelry with cameo
Antique jewelry with micro mosaic
Micro mosaic

Dear fellow antique and estate jewelry afficionado,

Eleven months a year we try to amuse you with a weekly cute antique jewelry related mail. However, this time of the year we take the liberty of sending you some mails without any special picture or back-ground information on symbolism, style or era. There will be just a list of present suggestions.

But why do we send you these mails? We would like to show you in how many ways one can look at antique jewelry. Nothing dusty and old-fashioned about it. Wearing antique jewelry is making a statement of good taste! And there are so many angles on how to browse through our collection... per object, per theme, per color, per month stone, per price, per age, per etc. etc. etc. Just click the pictures and you are being offered a special collection of antique jewelry based, this week, on their theme and/or production technique.

Don't worry, these few mails (spread over three weeks) will be as much "hard marketing" as you can expect from us in a whole year. Rest assured that it will take another year before we will brag again about all those beautiful pieces of antique and estate jewelry that can be bought online from us and that it will take only about 2 or 3 working days from the moment of buying to the moment it is delivered at your doorstep.

antiqually yours,
The Adin team

Antiqualy yours,

The Adin team

P.s. Perhaps you know someone who might be interested in receiving our mails? Forward them this mail so they can subscribe themselves at: our subscription page
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