Miracles still happen in The Garden of Adin !!!

Miracles still happen

in The Garden of Adin !!!

Original vintage and antique jewelry collection of www.adin.be, no reproductions!
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the Adin Museum of Fairy Tale Artifacts

Once upon a time there was a man who refused to pay his barber for shaving off his moustache. His argument was that the barber didn't do his job right as the moustache kept coming back. The barber, who actually came from a long line of magicians, put a spell on the man that he would never be without a moustache ever again.

So from that moment on when the man shaved of his moustache it grew back instantaneously. The barber had a picture taken from the man and hung it in his store as a warning for future customers who could have the same idea. Over the years the store closed and the picture disappeared.

Now, it is with great pride that curator of the Adin Museum of Fairy Tale Artifacts, Mr. Elkan Wijnberg was able to obtain the picture (over time set in a brooch) for his collection.


Antiqualy yours,

The Adin team

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