Extremely Rare Antique Big Coral Bead String !

Antique Big Coral Beads Strand

Extremely Rare!

Antique super large and big coral bead string with Dutch gold filigree closure from the antique jewelry collection of www.adin.be
Antique Dutch Big Coral Bead String With Filigree Closure.
WOW, WOW and again WOW! This must be the most special coral necklace we ever had and most likely we will ever have. The beads are huge! And there are so many! Fifty big beads!

From time to time we find an antique coral necklace with perhaps just one big bead of this quality in its center. But to find one necklace with such an amazing collection of big and good quality beads is rarer than a rarity.

The beads are not strung but wired on 14K red gold. The closure is hidden inside a magnificent antique gold filigree sphere, typically Dutch 19th Century. We were amazed when we found it and actually we still are. What a beauty!

Antiqualy yours,

The Adin team

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