Chris Steenbergen (1920-2007) - Dutch Artist Jeweller

Chris Steenbergen (1920-2007)

Dutch Artist Jeweller

Artist Jewelry by Chris Steenbergen gold and silver brooch the rope jumper from the antique and artist jewelry collection of adin at www.adin.be
Gold and silver brooch: "the rope jumper"

Contemporary jewelry, the future antique collectible

Almost half a year ago we were lucky enough to be able to purchase a large part of the personal collection of contemporary jewelry artist Chris Steenbergen. Ever since then we have been searching and studying into his background information to see where his jewelry was exposed and in what books he was mentioned. With this information we have put together a brief summary of Chris Steenbergen in our glossary. It has been an interesting time.

We see this as a unique opportunity for collectors to obtain a collectible piece of future antique jewelry.


Antiqualy yours,

The Adin team
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