Diamond tools through the centuries

Diamond tools through the centuries

Diamond polishing tools through the centuries, from Adin's private tool collection. Adin antique and estate jewelry is to be found at www.adin.be
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The machine depicted above is an old diamond saw as they were used since the Industrial Revolution of ca. 1760. A rough diamond is held between two copper rods against a fast rotating copper plate that is covered with diamond powder, thus sawing the diamond. This sawing process would take up to several hours... per single cut!

The use of this device required the expertise and experience of a seasoned craftsman who generally had several saws under his supervision at the same time, and is opposed to modern sawing and cutting techniques which run mostly automatically. The position of the brass ball on the other side of the lever is used to adjust the pressure of the diamond to the rotating blade.

It is because of this manual labor that older cut diamonds aren’t always as perfectly symmetrical as their modern cut counterparts. To us, the standards of cutting that apply to modern cut diamonds, are in no way transferable to old-cuts. Moreover at Adin we find that it is exactly these little "flaws" (by modern standards) that remind us of the artisanal way of the old days and what gives antique jewelry its charm.

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