Rose Cut Diamonds, Another "Romantic" Explanation

Rose Cut Diamonds

another "romantic" explanation...

Long pendant Georgian earrings with high quality high domed rose cut diamonds
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Once upon a time... a long long time ago, soirées (French for... "soirees") were illuminated by romantic glimmering candle lights, smelly oil lamps and asphyxiating smothering torches. And all jewelry set with rose cut diamonds were shining and sparkling as beautiful as can be, and all the people were happy (deep sigh)...

To many antique jewelry experts, the reason why goldsmiths of those days used rose cut diamonds in antique jewelry was so the jewels would sparkle better in the candle light. We however, we wonder in what other than the light of candles, oil lamps and torches rose cut diamonds had to sparkle, since there wasn't any electricity yet. Fact is that because of the irregularity of the polishing of the diamonds of those days, they have a nicer, less predictable, sparkle than new cut diamonds which we find "a bit cold".

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