Baroque rose cut diamond ear jewels, about 350 years old!

Baroque rose cut diamond ear jewels

About 350 years old!

Top notch Baroque rose cut diamond ear jewels antique earrings
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Three graduating teardrop shaped high domed rose cut diamonds surmounted by three rose cut diamonds diamonds in a V-shape with additional scrolling, attached to a larger round high domed rose cut diamond. The diamonds are set in a closed silver setting and the edges are decorated with a small lobed border. The pair of earrings is finished with a gold backing, a popular method for this time as the silver made sure the natural sparkle of the diamond is optimized and the gold layer prevents the silver tarnishing the skin. This particular gold backing is rather special because a second decorative border of delicate striations is added.

The additional scrolling on the connecting part, the height of the rose cut diamonds and the double layer of decorative applications to the earrings ensure us that only the highest level of materials and craftsmanship were used in fashioning this pair of earrings. That they stood the test of time in such a good condition is a testimony to this level of excellence.

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