A 1500 Years Old Earring! ATtrue Antiquity And Still Wearable!

A 1500 Years Old Earring!

A true antiquity and still wearable!

Click the picture to get to this Ancient Caucasian yellow gold granulated ear-ring

Click the picture to see this true antiquity.

Being crafted between fourteen and seventeen centuries ago, this ancient ear pendant in at least 18K yellow gold is more of a precious artefact worthy of a showroom in a museum - just as a similar one is displayed in Germany - than being a customary antique jewellery piece.

Within this unique treasure, a triangular shape is repeated in its overall outline of two cones assembled at their bases as well as in the patterns of its typical Caucasian style field and cluster granulation. Having this in your possession, it is definitely more of an honour than a hazard to preserve and even wear this rare fragment of history.

Antiqualy yours,

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