A Bejeweled Bird Of Paradise..... Where else than in The Garden of Adin?

A Bejeweled Bird Of Paradise

Where else than in The Garden of Adin?

Click the picture to get to this French Fifties bejeweled gold brooch bird of paradise with plique ajour enamel

Click the picture to see and read more from this brooch.

Just as spring's temperature is still present this mild winter, so is this bird of paradise still sitting on its branch here in the Garden of Adin.

The ancient Greek called it a Phoenix, the Egyptians a Bennu, the Persians a Huma... but however its cultural name, this bird of paradise symbolises resurrection within its own fire.

And how this Fifties brooch ignites in an incandescent inferno of vibrant gemstones and plique-à-jour enamel. Although this challenging technique with vitreous enamel in between the design's cells has mostly only been used during the Art Nouveau period, now an extra visible depth in the mythological meaning of this jewel's depiction is established by its coloured translucence flaring next to the diamonds, turquoises and ruby.

So better hurry to purchase before it flies off to its winter retreat, now Frost's cold is promised to come.

Antiqualy yours,

The Adin team
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