Spring season in The Garden of Adin. A ring of beauty is a joy forever!

Spring season in The Garden of Adin

A ring of beauty is a joy forever!

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A clear case of oops!

Last week, an enthusiastic reader of our weekly newsletter handed us an idea. She had seen a mistake in our previous email and wrote us about it. We responded that it was "a clear case of oops".

She wrote us back again and came up with the idea to use "Clear cases or oops" as theme for future emails. As an example she gave the misunderstanding surrounding the "ruby" in the English crown. For centuries assumed to be a real ruby but turned out to be a spinel. Talking about "A clear case of oops"!

So, we will try to glean more 'OOPS' stories. In case you have one and want to share, let us know!

And thanks to Jenna for her contribution!

Antiqualy yours,

The Adin team
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