French antique gold necklace with enamel, so-called collier d'esclave - 200 years old!

French antique gold necklace with enamel

so-called collier d'esclave - ca. 1810

Click the picture to get to see this French antique gold necklace with enamel so-called collier d'esclave

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Collier d'esclavage

Esclavage is French and literally it means slavery. We'll leave it to your imagination to give an interpretation to this naming. It is a type of necklace composed of three or more chains or strings of beads or jewels in which the chains or strings hang approximately equidistant from each other. They were worn in Normandy as peasant jewelry in the mid-18th century. Such jewels were in many regions of France the most beautiful jewel offered by the bridegroom to his bride the day of their wedding. The definition of 'collier esclavage' appears for the first time in the 'Dictionnaire de Trévoux' in 1752. This necklace knows a very large geographical diffusion. In Normandy the gold pieces were often engraved. A collier d'esclave is an extremely rare article to find and we are proud to be able to offer one here.

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