Adin Antique Jewelry Games 2016 Are Officially Opened!

Adin Antique Jewelry Games 2016

Are Officially Opened!

Click the picture to get to see this Strong design Art Deco platinum brooch diamonds and sapphires
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Art Deco Jewelry Diving

Art Deco Jewelry Diving as independent part of Antique Jewelry Diving was first introduced in the official program of the Adin Antique Jewelry Games at the 1904 Games of Antwerp and has been an Antique Jewelry sport since. It was known as "fancy diving" for the acrobatic stunts performed by divers wearing impressive antique jewelry during the dive (such as tiaras and full parures).

This discipline of Aquatics, along with bejeweled swimming and water pearl polo, is regulated and supervised by the international federation for aquatic antique jewelry sports.

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