Adin Antique Jewelry Games 2016 Synchronized Antique Jewelry Swimming

Adin Antique Jewelry Games 2016

Synchronized Antique Jewelry Swimming

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5th Consecutive Gold Medal For Adin!

The free routine final for synchronized antique jewelry swimming of the Antique Jewelry Games 2016 was highlighted by a near perfect routine by the Adin antique jewelry swimming team.

Talking to the media afterwards, Adin synchronized antique jewelry swimming team trainer Mr. Elkan Wijnberg commented that “sometimes everyone calls the girls mermaids and asks if they have gills, it's that comfortable they are in this performance.”

The Adin Team’s gold medal performance further solidified Adin's dominance over the sport of synchronized antique jewerly swimming bringing home Adin’s fifth straight gold medal.

Antiqualy yours,

The Adin team
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