Adin Antique Jewelry Games 2016: Athletes very satisfied with bedroom facilities!

Adin Antique Jewelry Games 2016

Survey: athletes very satisfied with bedroom facilities!

Click the picture to get to see this Superb French Baroque cameo in gold mounting. A true collectors item!
Click the picture to read about this early 19th French Baroque cameo.

Athletes sleep better because of Antique Jewelry.


ANTWERP, Belgium (AAJ) - They call Elkan Wijnberg 'the dream expert'. A veteran of over thirthy Antique Jewelry Games, the experienced official is working on the biggest challenge of his career: managing the decoration of the athletes sleeping facilities.

“With the addition of our new antique jewelry frame we’re making it even easier for the athletes to relax.” says Wijnberg, who formerly served as gardener in The Garden of Adin. “Although a recent study showed that most of the people sleep with their eyes closed, we still want to bring that extra touch to the quality of their night rest."

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